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I love a really simple article that can look at food and health with common sense. It’s amazing how much money is spent on unnecessary ‘fitness cures’ when the only tools you need are some motivation and creativity. I don’t like the gym, or structured exercise, but I believe in the power of good food and natural activity to keep us healthy and fit.

Here’s a top 8 from King Kong Apparel:

  1. ‘Cardio’ is the best way to lose weight
  2. Weights make women ‘too muscular’
  3. You Need Supplements
  4. Eating fat makes you fat
  5. Eggs are bad for you
  6. Squats are bad for your knees
  7. ‘Fitness’ cereals are good for you
  8. Bacon is healthy


My top 8 is similar, but I refuse to accept their number 8!

  1. Incidental “Exercise”.
    I hate the word exercise because it suggests I should go to a specific location and partake in an activity designed for no reason other than to make me sweat/lose weight. I don’t understand why gym’s have car parks or why people drive to get the groceries then pay to go to a small room and lift weights. And why, unless for low impact rehabilitation, would I ride a bike which goes nowhere – nor does it use the energy I am generating for any practical, green purpose. Walk. Do weights with your groceries. Have running races at the park with your kids. Swim. Or if you don’t have a pool, have water fights. Have sex. Hold a squat while you make dinner or write an email. Explore. Put your shoes on and get out there. Take the stairs. Jump over that puddle. Just move.
  2. Weights are good for your mind.
    A frustrating day at work can be made so much better if you can burn the energy quickly in some way other than a tantrum at your boss. If you’re lucky enough to work from home or have a tolerant office, a set of 4kg dumbells under your desk can be a welcome distraction. 20 curls is better than looking for a new job.
  3. You are what you eat.
    Eat chemical filled processed food and your cells will be made of it.  Eat fresh, live, nutrient rich food and your cells will be made of it. Genius.
  4. Supplements are for deficiencies &, you know, supplementing
    They are not a substitute for food or an excuse to eat crap. I had a room mate once who insisted his doctor gave him permission to drink and binge when in Vegas, so long as he had his B12 shot first. (?!?!) I’ve got a friend who drinks green veg powder with spirulina so she can drink alcohol all weekend because it ‘balances the acidity caused by the sugar’. (?!?!?!?) Taking the wrong supplement can be as dangerous as taking the wrong medication so you shouldn’t self diagnose based on a TV commercial or magazine ad. See a naturopath or have a blood test with your doctor and discuss what you might be missing, and why. I have found supplements helpful at times of difficulty with digestion, but work closely with my naturopath to ensure the right mix for me.
  5. There’s no bad ‘food’
    Food should refer to ingredients, not end products which have marketing campaigns. Wheat isn’t a bad food. Wheat grains are a high concentrated source of minerals, protein and vitamins. What we do with it is grind it, bleach it, and extract the husks to leave the endosperm which is ground into white flour that is mostly starch. The bran and germ which are extracted are sold as ‘health foods’.
  6. Nutrients or waste?
    Diet can be complicated. I simplified it. Are you eating nutrients which will nourish your cells and give you energy or are you eating waste which your body has to work to process and attempt to extract barely there nutrients while not feeding your immune or other systems needed to keep you healthy. Hmmm?
  7. Form first
    The most important part of any exercise is form. If you are doing it wrong, you will hurt yourself – eventually. If you seek help to get your form right, make sure they are qualified. Especially with squats.
  8. Bacon & Eggs Are Amazing
    Period. Add some avocado, spinach and tomato for the perfect breakfast.